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One of the Secrets to Getting Abs

by Derik Brady Nutrition Dieting Core Training Goal Building Biomechanics

One of the Secrets to Getting Abs

Are you trying to get a 6-pack? Want more definition around the core? Eating better and started working out but aren’t seeing the results fast enough? Relax… because a lightbulb is about to go off in your brain… but before I tell you the secret, I want you to take a moment to breath in as deep and slowly as you can… Fill the lungs with air by expanding your ribcage (which should elevate your chest), begin to contract the diaphragm and relax the core. Pause for a second at the height of your breath. slowly transition to a slow exhale by relaxing the diaphragm, and flexing the core by bring the belly button inward to the spine. Try exhaling a second or two longer than your inhale… so in other words if your inhale was 3 seconds, try exhaling 4-5 seconds. Continue to consciously breath in this way will increase blood pH (above 7 or alkaline is good), saturate red blood cells with oxygen (which transports it to every region of the body) and increase proprioception (mind muscle connection, or central nervous system stimulation) to the core muscles which aid in breathing. Now I bet if you were sitting and tried this, you gave more thought to your next breath and might have adjusted the position of your body to get a deeper inhale. So if you haven’t figure it out already the secret is Conscious Breathing! On average, humans breath over 20,000 times a day. How many inhales and exhales do you think about let alone perform in this way? Most of the population stay in shallow breathing patterns neglecting to utilize the most powerful of the respiratory muscles; the diaphragm. The lungs cannot fully take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide without the help of the diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and a number of others. By focusing on controlling these muscles evenly throughout the inhale and exhale, the body receives more energy to burn fat and breathing becomes easier. When red blood cells are saturated with oxygen (they can hold up to 4 oxygen molecules at a time) more waste is able to exit the body. Similar to the way your bicep can stretch and contract in different positions, holding your breath contracts the respiratory muscles. This can be done when the lungs are filled with air, when they are empty, or throughout any point of the inhale or exhale. Becoming conscious throughout the day of the position your body, the depth of your breathing, and the muscles responsible for aiding respiration, the faster you will see definition around your core! To start: try this breathing technique first thing in the morning, and continue as many times as you can throughout the day!

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