"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Milton Berle

Why Your Body Stores Fat

by Derik Brady Nutrition Dieting Core Training Goal Building

Why Your Body Stores Fat

Why do you think Polar Bears store as much fat as possible before hibernating for the winter? If you are unsure, think about what the polar bear is doing because it’s the same reason why humans store fat. Resting and lacking daily nutrient intake, their bodies need the extra energy stores to stay alive. Humans store fat because they are at rest most of the day and lack adequate nutrients. When fat is broken down by the body, it is a higher source of energy compared to protein or carbohydrates. The body knows this and primarily stores fat around the midsection to supply the organs with energy. After the winter is over and the Polar Bear comes out of hibernation, it looks completely different. The fat is gone because it utilized the energy stores during the winter and is now able to travel and hunt again. If you don’t want to store fat then reflect back on your lifestyle, activity level, food choices, and mindset. Do you have a purpose when you are eating? Do you know what you are eating, or how it will affect your body? Do you eat for quality or quantity? Are you moving your body enough? The Polar Bear needs to think, prepare and act differently before and after hibernation. The mindset needs to change and action must be taken in order to receive the outcome you desire.

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